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"A midwife friend helped me coordinate with Caren so I could have some postpartum support: I was going through a very difficult time after a death in the family and some other sensitive issues which we were navigating with no support system nearby. When I answered the door and Caren was on the other side, I was vulnerable, exhausted, and unsure of how best to take care of my precious little gem. Our daughter needed to be immediately weaned from exclusively breastfed to only bottle fed, and both my baby and I (and my partner) were feeling traumatized by the transition- I felt like we were getting nowhere and due to a medical issue, time was running out. I was both desperately eager for help yet nervous about having someone I'd never met helping guide me through such a raw time. 


Caren couldn't have made me feel more comfortable during such a challenging time, guiding me with her wisdom, knowledge, and her own ease and humor that changed the tenor of our entire home and the challenges of that time. That first day I think I breathed more deep breaths than I had in two weeks. She made me feel confident as a mom. In every interaction she managed to help me see opportunities for smarter ways to get the job done and as well as new perspectives to help ease my mind, so I could get back to connecting and spending time with my baby. It's crazy to say now, but when I think back on that time... I actually had fun! She helped turn something traumatic into memories I now cherish with my kiddo. 


Caren is the most fantastic mix of worldly and experienced, yet down to earth and personable. She makes you feel like she's the magical fairy godmother all new parents secretly wish for: sent to make everything all better. Any new parent would be lucky to welcome Caren into their home." - Breanna

"We were immediately sold on Caren’s background as not just a doula, but as a healer trained in craniosacral massage and reflexology. When we met her, we knew she was a great fit for us – she was supportive and knowledgeable, bringing her own expertise and framing choices for us in a way that made making decisions easier (and she did all of this without judgement). We feel truly lucky to have been able to find her." - Erin

"A million thanks to Caren. My spouse, baby Avery and I appreciate everything you have done for us Caren." - Kiara

“Caren was amazing and I highly recommend her. Very caring and reliable!”  -Violeta

"Caren is clearly in love with the work, as is evidenced by her numerous certifications. We love Caren!!" - Dara

 "Thank you ❤️thank you for everything! Caren! I owe you a review. I am happy to share any photos, etc. You are the best - really! - Moira